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When considering purchasing a Liquid Management Yacht, be informed that we offer various services to make passagemaking easier. Want to learn more about how we support you in realizing your dream of discovering the world in a motor yacht?

We offer visits, sea trials, purchase consultancy and project management, shake down tests, training, and transport. You decide on what level of support you want. We make sure you’ll get the boat you want and the training you need in order to safely sail your ship around the world.

Our services

Visit - First step

Visit us in the Netherlands. You are not just contemplating on purchasing a ship, you are also investigating who you want to do business with, whom to trust in helping you bring your dream into reality. For that, a visit and meeting-up in person is the perfect starting point.

As soon as the first LM65h is ready, we intend to use it. We’ll be cruising around the world, probably coming to a boat show near you. Send us an email and let’s meet on board. Or fly over to the Netherlands and meet our crew there.

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Liquid Management Yachts - Services

2. Sea trial

If you think Liquid Management is your way forward, and if you enjoyed meeting us, a sea trial is the next logical step. Our team in the Netherlands, or Veronika and Edwin, from wherever we are with our yacht, will be happy to sail you around for a day, so that you can make a better informed decision if our approach to explorer yacht design suits your goals.

The associated costs of sea trial are EUR 1,000.- or USD 1,250.- per day. These costs will be deducted from the purchase order, if you decide to purchase a Liquid Management Yacht.

3. Purchase consultancy

Based on your specific wishes, our naval architect and interior architect can help you finalize your order.Yes, we have done most of the preliminary work in designing the optimal explorer yacht, but what interior colors and standards do you want, what anchor do you choose, and is the automated kite system an option you want, are all questions we need your input on. Purchase consultancy, up to 15 hours, is included in the price.

4. Project management

We do not sell projects, we sell boats. This means that Liquid Management Yachts is responsible for project management. You will get pictures and regular updates, so that you can track the advancement yourself. Project management is included in the price of your purchase.

5. Shake down

Upon delivery, we do a shake down test to see if the ship performs according to specifications. You are invited for the ride! Shake down usually takes a week and can be combined with training. The costs of the shake down trials are included in the price of your purchase.

6. Training

This is where we teach you how to operate the boat. How to start, how to stop. How to set a course, and how to change a course. How to anker and moor. How to plan a passage. How to maintain the ship.

The goal of training is to get you acquainted with the ship, so that you can operate your Liquid Management Yacht yourself. To the extent that you feel comfortable taking over the helm and sailing away, to your next destination.

Training can take up to a week.
The costs are EUR 1,000.- or USD 1,250.- per day.

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7. Transport

If you feel comfortable, please take delivery of your Liquid Management Yacht and sail her home yourself. If you feel you need additional training (see the paragraph above), we can combine training and transport by adding one of our staff to your voyage home.Another option is that you have your ship transported to your destination. Boats are shipped from the Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands to destinations around the globe on a weekly basis. Our team can help you organize such a trip. Transport costs are not included in your purchase price.

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