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Our ship

The LM65h is a revolutionary aluminium explorer yacht. With a length of 65 feet, a width of 16 feet, and a draft of a little over 4 feet, it is designed as a “go-anywhere” ship. It crosses oceans with unprecedented comfort, economy, and safety.

The LM65h is designed with long distance passagemaking in mind. Her top speed is 11.5 knots. Her cruising speed is 10 knots. The ship can easily be handled by a couple. There is adequate room to host up to 4 additional guests.

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  • 65 Feet
  • 10 Knots
  • 3500 Nm
Liquid Management Yachts, ready to take on the world!
Our story

Ready to take on the world

Why design and build our own boat? Why not simply purchase a ship from an established supplier? Internationally, there are a dozen companies that build 55 to 75 feet yachts, that are capable of crossing oceans, and that can be managed by a couple. In fact, every year close to 100 of such boats are built and delivered to people all over the world.

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But while over 1,500 of such boats are currently in use, maybe only one per year actually crosses an ocean! Why? Why buy a boat that can negotiate oceans and not use it for its intended goal? It turns out that crossing an ocean in a traditionally designed motor yacht is an uncomfortable, expensive, and uncertain affair.


And that is why we designed the LM65h. We wanted long distance passagemaking to be comfortable, efficient, and safe. That is the story each and every one of our designs tell. How the LM65h came to be, and how it is our mission to make passagemaking easier accessible to more sailors and skippers and adventurers around the world!


When considering purchasing a Liquid Management Yacht, be informed that we offer various services to make passagemaking easier. Want to learn more about how we support you in realizing your dream of discovering the world in a motor yacht?

We offer visits, sea trials, purchase consultancy and project management, shake down tests, training, and transport. You decide on what level of support you want. We make sure you’ll get the boat you want and the training you need in order to safely sail your ship around the world.

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