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The second main “body’ is the master bedroom, which is spacious and comfortable, with a kingsize bed and its own toilet and shower. To insulate this sleeping room from the engine room, the main tank (3 m3) and toilet and shower are placed between the ER and master bedroom. The master bedroom is situated aft, since that’s basically the most comfortable place, movement-wise, for sleeping.

The third main body are the guest accommodations, that sit forward of the engine room. The guest quarters are set-up for a couple or a couple with young kids. It sleeps 4 with a couch, turning this cabin almost in a mini-apartment. Or the couch can be turned into two additional bunks (pullman), one situated above the other. The guest cabin also has its own toilet and shower, that also serves as a day head. The toilet and shower sit between ER and guest room for additional insulation.

The space, opposite to the forward shower and toilet, going downstairs and forward to the guest area, also houses an additional freezer and a washer/dryer combo.

The sleeping quarters are not situated at the forward and aft extremities of the ship. Instead, that’s where the steering (aft) and additional storage is placed (both aft and forward). By not having the sleeping rooms at the extremities, pitch will be less of a concern. We expect that to result in more and better sleep comfort.

The engine room has a wide and spacious lay-out. The idea is that all serviceable parts should be reachable with ease. The easier that is, the less efforts it takes to check, and the better these procedures will be upheld. That’s the idea and thinking behind our lower deck design!


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