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The shading set-up consists of lightweight carbon poles and sails that help protect the sailors and the ship from sun, rain, and wind. It is easy to mount, dismount, and store. The owner can decide, based on the conditions he or she faces, what amount of shading and protection is needed.

For example, in the picture underneath, we see the shading system being used to provide cover from sun or rain for the outside cockpit. In case of rain, the shade can be tilted for control over drainage. We foresee this set-up to be in demand in warmer sailing conditions or light drizzles.

Sun protection can also be added to the forward sun bathing area:

In case of sunset, wind, or rain, side covers can be added as well:

Finally, to protect the whole ship from the sun, while at anchor in tropical environments, a screen can be added to put the saloon in the shade:


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