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Who we are? Edwin has a master degree in business administration and is a successful inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur. Veronika is a master of law and CFO.

We love to travel and discover new countries, meet new people, and connect with other cultures. Over the years, boating has become a hobby we cherish to the extend that it is becoming a lifestyle: our favorite way of seeing the world.

As our businesses grow into maturity, our focus expands and we find ourselves wanting to visit more places, further away. To travel the world by motor yacht is our goal. And we want to travel it in an innovative motor yacht of our own design.  That’s what this Blog and Liquid Management Yachts are about.

What will the Liquid Management 65 hybrid look like? How is the building process progressing? How do we envision Liquid Management becoming a company that helps revolutionize passagemaking? What places will we visit? How do we prepare and train ourselves? Through weekly stories and updates, via this Blog, we wish to share our ideas, contemplations, innovations, and steps forward.

Someone once said that traveling is not about the destination, but about the journey. This holds true for long-distance sailing and motor yachting, as well as to the process of designing and building a revolutionary, ocean-crossing motor yacht.

Glad to have you on board for the trip. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

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